Friday, 1 February 2013

Totes Emosh

To those that know me it's not exactly a secret I'm an emotional person. I pretty much cry at the drop of a hat (that scene in neighbours when Darren had to leave Libby and got on the bus out of Melbourne just about sent my 14 year old self over the edge) And this week has been no exception.

Last night I heard about my friend's hospital tests and the results are the best they could possibly be. They phoned me last night and I could barely speak for crying. I'm just about to set myself off again thinking about it right now. I cried about it five separate times last night. The happy feelings are just too much.

Just when I think I've got it together I decide to catch up on my unread blogs and once again I am brimming up. I see the names of the same bloggers coming up time and time again in the comments - on my blog and others. There are times when we all struggle but there is the incredible support system from people that most of us have never met. Just knowing that people are thinking about you and wish the best for you is an incredible feeling and one I am so grateful for. Virtual hugs for all!

In addition to this massive love-in, I'm feeling good because I managed to run on the treadmill for 10 minutes, without stopping last night. It might not sound much but it's a massive improvement from about 2 weeks ago when I could only manage 2 minutes.

So just about everything is all right in my little world again. It's amazing how things can turn around so quickly. I'm off to a friend's tonight for pizza and drinks (heavy on the salad, light on the pizza and diet mixers and spirits), TB and I have a day and night of pottering (oh how I love to potter) and relaxing on Saturday and then it's my first CrossFit introduction class on Sunday. I'm still nervous about it but I just have to remind myself it's always scary starting something new and being comfortable never got you anywhere.

Be kind yourselves this weekend, make time for you and remember  - someone is always thinking about you. x


  1. <3 I'm a emotional person too, I think if I managed to run for ten minutes I would nearly burst with joy, well done you!

  2. re the comfort zone, our body pump instructor always likes to shout "if it doesn't challenge you it wont change you". Probably applies to more than just exercise too. Good luck for crossfit. Cx

  3. Thanks for your comment. Trying to get back into the regular habit - though must confess to lurking for a while now - can't be faffed typing on my ipad!

  4. Ahhhhh, bless you!

    If I managed to run for 10 minutes I would burst with over-exertion but that's another issue. I think it's lovely that you were so happy for your friend - I bet she's/he's really touched.



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