Friday, 8 February 2013

Made you look...

As much as I would love to shove most of the contents of my shopping list into my face, rapid style - I can confirm that will not be happening.

First up, rolo cake. I'm making that on Sunday for my baking club. I'll decorate it a few days later just before the club. I can't exactly turn up with a half eaten cake so no worries about launching that down my pie whole.

There is also ingredients for nutella banana muffins on there. I have a new muffin tin that I got for Christmas which I am dying to use. I'm making the muffins on Sunday and am taking them into work the next day.

Finally, pancakes - these are for a voluntary group I help with and I am just doing the shopping.

I'm actually going to have a rip snorter of a weekend.  It's a quiet night in tonight with TB - no danger there. Tomorrow we're going for a walk with my folk's who are visiting and they are coming to me for dinner - something nice and healthy will be on the menu (I'm thinking baked aubergine and garlic chicken - or something like that) and then Sunday is round 2 of CrossFit.

How are your weekend shaping up mes amies?


  1. How MUCH do I yearn for some Rolo cake - too flipping much to articulate, that's how much.

    And the chicken recipe sounds good - do post the recipe. I love aubergines - not as much as Rolo Cake obv - but I do love them.

  2. I second wanting the aubergine and chicken recipe! CrossFit this evening for me, not sure what the weekend brings food wise, need to get my head back in the game...


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