Monday, 4 February 2013

The weekend, good food and the diet

I had a such a nice weekend.

Friday night I was at my friend's pizza party. They make the dough, you bring the toppings - and then you create your own pizza. Simple. It was also pretty healthy as they dough was the kind that needed to be rolled paper thin. What wasn't so healthy was the rum and diet cokes and the bit of crispy cake I snaffled. Whoops!

On Saturday we had a very lazy day.  A very long lie followed by a very healthy salad with cold meat and a boiled egg for lunch. I've just started adding raw broccoli to my salads and I have to say - I'm impressed (yes this is what my life has come to - being impressed by broccoli!). That pic was just the beginning of my salad prep - it was a lot bigger by the end! We also did a quick tidy round. TB was hoovering when it started to make a funny noise. He said he was going to take a look at it. I returned just a few moments to this scene! Diagnosis: Hoover is buggered.  TB is at least pleased he fully knows how it works now. Well, worked.

For dinner we had turkey burgers - i.e. a turkey breast grilled instead of a burger. I ditched the bun and instead had yet another salad (which was massive) with roasted aubergine and sweet potato wedges. It was all very healthy but thinking back I wonder was it too much?  We just then kicked back, watched telly and were in bed for 1am. Most enjoyable (again, my life has come to this).

The next day was... CrossFit day  - the first of my Elementals class.  I wasn't as nervous as when I headed off for my taster session but I was still feeling a bit jingly jangly. I needn't have been. Although the class was over 2 hours, most of it was going over the key movements to make sure we were getting them right i.e. deadlifts and squats. The only time I felt like a bit of a tool was when it came to press ups. The toughest level is on the floor - a proper press up. The next level up is leaning on a box - so that your body is at more of a 45 degree angle.You can then turn the box on it's side so you are at less of an angle to the ground. The next and easiest possible version is leaning against the edge of a stage-like area. Guess who had to opt for the easiest version. Hmmmm.

The WOD (workout of the day) was also entirely do-able (since my bar for the deadlifts only had 9lbs kg on it total) but I really need to work on my cardio as it was the running I struggled with the most. I completed it in 6mins 20 seconds and was actually one of the fastest. I really could have put more weight on but I wasn't sure how hard it would be.
  • 200m run
  • 15 squats, press ups, deadlifts
  • 12 squats, press ups, deadlifts
  • 9 squats, press ups, deadlifts
  • 200m run
I finally made it home via a very long detour to the supermarket (can you get some more people on the god damn checkouts?) and had chicken noodle soup with a boiled egg and cold meat for lunch. Dinner was slow cooked pulled pork with homemade coleslaw (mostly veggies and very little mayo) and healthy potato skins. Delicious. And although it was all pretty healthy - again I think I had too much. So much meat. We're actually having the same meal (leftovers) tonight and typically I am now panicking about weigh in so I think I'll just have the pork and a tiny bit of coleslaw and some broccoli. I need to FOCUS!

The only stumbling block was the caramel shortbread TB made. He told me he was making it and I almost asked him not to. But for crying out loud, you cannot live your life like that! And oh lordy, it was SO good. I know this because I had two very small pieces. I also licked the caramel from the pot until I had almost taken the non stick surface off too.

I just need to keep my face out the tin. I am on a diet. 'Just one piece' everyday is not okay. FOCUS.


  1. Sounds good. My fingers are crossed for you.

    Lesley xx

  2. Sounds good. At my CrossFit class we had three levels of press ups: press up on the floor, press up on the floor from the knees, or press ups against the wall: after a few wobbly ones on my knees, I moved to the wall!


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