Friday, 15 February 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly fats

I'm cracking on with the paleo diet (but still having a little dairy too) and while I'm pretty happy with it there is one aspect that I can't quite get my head around - cooking with good fats.

I have been a fry lighter for years now. I like it. It works for me. However, I know it's not exactly the most natural of products. Over the past week or so I've shunned my squirty bottle for coconut oil - as per the paleo recommendation.

I've actually been using coconut oil for some time  - but only a tiny amount in my porridge and also when stir frying. The paleo recipes I have followed have frequently asked for coconut oil to be used and in greater amounts than I feel okay with.

For example, last night I made this curry dish and also the cauliflower rice. The rice required  me effectively stir frying the blitzed cauliflower in coconut oil and to stop it sticking I needed to use more than I was happy with.  Quite a bit. It just goes against everything that has helped me to lose weight in the past. Especially as I the recipe also had coconut milk in it - even if it was 'light'.

I think I need to remember what works for me and not feel as I need to drastically switch things up. I was reading back over my old posts and found this one all about some of the key things which were helping me to lose weight. I was actually doing paleo most of the time, I just didn't feel the need to put it in a box and name it.

The cauliflower rice wasn't even that nice in the end! I should have just had the curry and served it up with some normal cauliflower that didn't need any oil, of any kind, added. 

Have a great weekend and remember to love yourselves! x


  1. i like your way of thinking here. it's great to get ideas and try new things but you know what works best for you and in the end, the Love Cat diet is going to be the best fit and highest stickability for the Love Cat life!

  2. You have to just do a bit of trial and error and find what works for you and do what feels right for you. Good Luck with it, follow your gut instinct and hopefully will work out for you.


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