Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Headless chicken impersonator

I've had a mental couple of days and am just sitting down at the computer after running around like a total maddie.
So here are some pics from my weekend....

  •  Banana & Nutella muffins made from this lovely recipe. I made loads and just about all of them into work. They were actually nicer when cold as the nutella was more gooey and not so runny. I know this because I had half one and I made TB eat 2 and the other half so I could assess.  
  • That is my poor shin after I tried box jumps at CrossFit. I was did not commit to my first jump and it all went a bit tits up. However, I had a quick word with myself (i.e. stop being a fanny) and got on with jumping on the box. That shit is hard!
  • The weather on Sunday was utter poop (perfect for baking).
  • My parents were visiting this weekend and on Saturday I made them a paleo meal - which they didn't even know! Baked mushrooms, Garlic and spinach stuffed chicken and stuffed aubergine too. I'll do a proper post on those recipes as they were pretty god damn tasty!
  • On Saturday when the weather was nicer we managed to get out of a wee walk. I always going somewhere I've never been before, especially when it's on my doorstep.

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