Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Weigh in

I could blow my nose and lose more than a quarter of a pound. That's right, this week I lost a quarter of a  sodding pound. What the chuff?

Yeah, yeah, it's all going in the right direction, muscle weighs more than fat and so on... blah blah blah. Quite frankly, that chat does nothing to appease me right now as it's practically a non-moving figure and I have not been doing enough resistance work to gain muscle.

I am pissed off. But unsurprised. The weight loss game is nothing if not fickle. Some weeks you get away with more than you should and others, well... seems as if the world has gone utterly bonkers (today is a bonkers day, in case you were wondering).

So yeah, thinking back over the past week there were a few things I ate and drank that wouldn't have helped me to lose weight but I know I didn't deserve to lose a lot but I know how much I put in (or rather, didn't put in my gob) and a pound loss would be realistic. I mean, for crying out loud - I've only lost two and a half pounds this year. What a yolk!

To help me focus and also identify if I am 'treating' myself more than I actually realise I've bought myself a new notebook. Writing down everything I eat definitely helps me. I'm also going to try and cut back on eating grains. This is the fundamental building block of the paleo diet - a way of eating that lots of CrossFitters recommend.  I'm not a million miles away from it as I only very occasionally eat bread, sometimes rice/cous-cous and practically never touch pasta. I do however, eat porridge for breakfast five days a week. I'm going to try swapping this for eggs for a week. I love eggs so I'm quite excited about that!

The whole ethos surrounding the diet  (which is also called the caveman diet) is about eating foods that we could hunt or find (meats, eggs, fish, nuts, leafy greens, vegetables and seeds) so processed foods are a no no. My meals are almost always home cooked from scratch  - it's the snacking I need to give some thought to.

The other key thing is sugar - or more to the point, lack of it. I have a bit of a problem with sugar in that I bloody love the stuff but I know it's not good for me - and I'm not just talking about the size of my arse. To be honest this is the area that would be the biggest challenge for me as sugar is in everything that I love and am tempted by.  If I could cut out sugar I know I would find it easier to lose weight.

Paleo dieters also avoid dairy. I love milky coffees and teas so I'm not sure how to broach that one. Has anyone had any experience with almond milk or other alternatives.

Having said all this, I am now going home to make chicken and chorizo jambalaya for dinner -which has two key ingredients that aren't paleo friendly - rice and chorizo!

Starting Weight: 190.75 pounds
Current Weight: 188.25 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 0.25 pounds
Total 2013 Weight Loss: 2.5 pounds


  1. Yes I'm a bit like you at the moment-two steps forward and one backward. But as long as its only one we are making progress. Hang in there girly xx

  2. I found paleo friendly chorizo in Waitrose! Good luck with paleo!

  3. I think it's all a question of degrees. I don't eat bread, pasta, rice or potatoes - and I am careful with carby veg like parsnips. When I do allow myself a bit of carb it tends to be bread. Or cake. I reckon moderation is okay here and I'd rather have very occasional cake and enjoy it than never have it again.

    Wean yourself off sweet stuff with some dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids)- a couple of squares. I like the Waitrose dark truffles.

    And I do have milk - but not often. Stick to full fat too - the rule of paleo is the less mucked about with the better. And have a read of Zoe Harcombe and John Briffa.

    It definitely suits me - I don't have the sugar crashes I used to have.

    Good luck!



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