Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The ankle of doom

I seem to have buggered my ankle.

The same ankle that I came a cropper on away back in August 2011. Not good and what's even more annoying is I don't even know how I did it.

It felt a bit sore on Friday at work and that night, upon closer inspection, I realised it's totally swollen - in exactly the same place it was when I fell off that bloody tyre. And it seems to be getting stiffer. Stairs are most definitely not good and there is a general pain up my leg and in my foot when I wiggle it.

The only time I can think when I could have done something to it is on Thursday night at the gym - even though I didn't do anything out of the ordinary and there was no pain at the time. Weird.

Now, it would probably be sensible to ease off on it and not really do any exercise. However, it seems that if I'm not meant to do something - then that's exactly what I want to do! So I'm going to the gym tonight- regardless. Yes, red rag to a bull (I am a Taurean, no shit). I'm going to stick to the bike and the cross trainer  - basically lots of low impact stuff.

It's also a way of making sure my evening is busy busy and there is no time to think about what I might like to munch on and how one more bit of caramel shortbread won't really matter.

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  1. I made some chocolate biscuit cake for Rich to take to work on Thurs for his birthday. It haunted me for a few hours but luckily I'm over at my parents now so only Rich being tormented now!!

    Hope the ankle clears up v quick.

    Lesley xx


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