Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Good times roll

I am still feeling all kinds of poop but SO much better than yesterday. Regardless, it does not matter what germs may be lurking; I've got so many fun things happening as of 5.30pm tonight that I simply will not let myself succumb to the lurgy.

It's book club tonight. We've been reading Stoner and my friend who is hosting is making lasagna and rainbow cookies. Amazing! She also might have mentioned something in a text earlier about seven layer dip. Holy shit. And yes, I am very excited about this but it's all pomp. I've got a weigh in tomorrow morning to be thinking about. I'm not going to be dipping the dip or crunching the cookies. 

Tomorrow (after weigh in and my PT session) I'll jump in the car for a couple of hours back to the homeland to see my mum for lunch, my granny for coffee and to my dad's office to print our wedding invitations! Wheee! They are going out on Friday! How many kinds of exciting is that?! ALL THE KINDS.

I'm driving back up the same day and then on Friday I hop on board the train to London town where I am shoe horning in around five different friends over the weekend, which I am most excited about! I'm also excited about being alone on the train with tea, music and books!

I'm trepidatious about tomorrow's weigh. It's not like they've been going my way recently so that alone is enough to make me nervous, and rightly so, but throw in to the mix missed workouts (thank you stinking cold), I feel I have even more cause for concern. BUT - I am going to focus on a positive. I bought a pair of size 16 skinny jeans from New Look without even trying them on. I know! It's madness. Tried them on at home. They sort of fit, it's just that the waist is... too big! Bwah hahaaaaa. 

During this 20 mins walk to the shops (and back again, that's the extent of exercise over the past 4 days)  I may have also posted my passport application which I had to sign in my new name, which isn't yet mine. That was weird.


  1. Stoner is currently sitting in my to-read pile - I must crack on!

    Good luck for WI. But, to be honest, whatever the scales say I think baggy waists on New Look skinny jeans (they cut for children in there!) is pretty damn awesome.


  2. Very foxy passport photo! :) All the best for WI & family catchups & invitationing!


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