Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I am sailing

SO much to share... I must tell  you all about my wedding dress fitting which took place on Saturday. And my shoes.... I've bought my shoes! In fact there is a LOT of wedding snash I must tell you about.

I also want to tell you all about my totally bonkers reaction to TB's new healthy eating plan. But ain't nobody got time for that today! Instead here is a quick snap shot of the healthy eating and exercise shenanigans that have been going down.

The upshot is that it's going really well. Apart from a boozy Friday night and Saturday night - and too much bread on Saturday to counter said booze - I am pretty chuffed with the direction of this old battalion. Yes, I just referred to myself as a battalion.

On Friday I ran 5 miles without too much bother. And then again yesterday, I did it pretty easily. Yeah, my legs were tired and I was out of breath but that was about it. All this running is good for burning calories but as my PT (who I need a name for) has pointed out - I'm not really getting the fitness benefit. For example, the 10 mins on the bike the other day almost killed me, but 5 miles as a steady pace... meh.

Yesterday, after my 5 miles, I went to meet my PT and was taken through a gym based programme. It's all about weights, split squats, lat pull downs and the like. I'd just like to take a moment to boast about how impressed with my form he was! My posture and stance was excellent, so he said and I was told (excuse me while I polish my halo) I was the perfect client as I have a good level of base fitness and am happy to work on my own - once I've been given a programme! I was playing it cool when he told me this but I am such a little teacher's pet that I was totally loving it. Praise me more!

So it wasn't a full on session - and even if it was, I don't get that sinking feeling when I think about what's in store. I've been given that plan away with me and I've to do it once a week, twice if I can - as well as as much as possible of the exercise I already do - which PT will then tweak as we go along. I envisage my nice long run will become punctuated with sprints!  Sob. Next week I am seeing him on Thursday. We're meeting at 8am at a football pitch where there are goal posts he can use for TRX stuff. I sense that is where the fun shall begin.

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