Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What I ate Wednesday

I really like reading people's 'What I ate posts' and I always fancied doing one myself but I never remember to take pictures of what I'm eating. I'm too busy getting excited about fact I'm about to eat something!

However, last Thursday I finally got my backside in gear and just about managed to photograph everything I ate.

As soon as I got up I got struck in about a pint of no added sugar Robinson's. I'm always quite thirsty of a morning and so I supped on this till about 10.30am.

I work from home on Thursdays and as it was quite a nice day I hung the washing out! This has got absolutely nothing to do with what I ate but I felt like sharing as it made me very happy! Saddo.

About 9am it was time for brekkie - melon with weight watchers greek style coconut yogurt. I love anything coconut and recently swapped from the muller version of this to the ww one. Much nicer in my opinion.

Straight after breakfast it was coffee time. We recently switched over to 1% milk. I honestly cannot tell the different from semi skimmed. I also had a tiny drop of coconut milk in my coffee. I bloody love this. I must drink about 4 cups of coffee throughout the day. Sometimes more.


I was feeling really hungry this particular morning and so about 11am I had the white of a boiled egg. This isn't normally something I would eat but I'm trying to up my protein - and this is an easy way to do so.

Thursday is my spinning day. The class is 1-1.45 and by the time I've popped to the shops on my way home, it's 2.30 at the earliest before I eat my lunch and so to see me through the class I had some pastrami on a fat free cracker - and some more diluting juice.

Spinning was a killer as always (there is never a class where I don't have a potential spew moment) and when I got home I was more than ready for some leftover fish pie. This was a tiny portion (on a side plate) and while it was delicious (and being eyed up by Dave) I always planned on it being lunch part 1.

Lunch part two! This slimming world chicken, rice and bean soup is so good. I put chicken breasts in mine to cook them, shredded them, then popped them back in again. I also added chilli powder and some cayenne pepper to give it a bit of  kick. Again - this is a small bowl; a nice neat portion.

 A few cups of coffee later and tea time had rolled around. Ha! That sentences makes me laugh. Like I'm so casual about it. Yeah RIGHT. I am always thinking about food and what the next thing I eat is going to be. On the menu was a frittata. I pretty much fired everything I could find in the fridge into this: red onion, sweetcorn, grated carrot, peppers, broccoli, green beans, greens, couple of new potatoes. I also added a little grated cheese (cheddar and Parmesan) to give it a bit more flavour. There were 4 eggs in total and TB and I both ate a third of it for dinner.  I had the other third for my lunch when I was on the train the next day, on my way to a meeting. Oh yeah - I am that organised right now.

This might be where the pics end but it's not where the eating ends. TB also had some onion rings with his frittata. I hate half of one. I was going to scoff the whole thing but after the first bite I realised it tasted pretty crap and so I threw the rest back onto his plate.

I also had low fat chocolate pudding thing. I've totally forgotten what brand they are but they come in wee purple pots and are beside the yogurts in the supermarket. I also had a couple of boiled sweets (butter mintos) and I think I might have had a slice or two of cold meat. Straight out the packet. I am the epitome of classy.

So there you have it - a day of pretty good eating. It's weigh in tomorrow after an eight day run. I really hope, and expect a loss but well...  that means jack all, quite frankly.

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  1. You ate just THE WHITE of a boiled egg?? BUT THE YOKE IS THE BEST BIT!!!


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