Thursday, 27 February 2014

Weigh in

Finally, it's happened to me... right in front of my face - the scales showed a loss!

3.75lbs of a loss. THANK GOD! We have movement in the right direction and it's a
bloody good loss. So not only does that mean I am 12 stone 2.5lbs but
it also means FRESH FAT!

Sorry for all the shouting, well no, I'm not sorry for all the shouting; I'm excited! But to tell you the
truth the over-riding feeling is one of justice. The hard work, thekick ass workouts, the meal planning, the meal planning and the single mindedness has paid off. BOOOOOOM!

2014 Starting Weight: 12 stone 9.25lbs
Current Weight: 12 stone 2.5lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 3.75lbs
Total 2014 Weight Loss: 6.75lbs


  1. Huzzah! Love a story with a happy ending!


  2. HURRAH FOR JUSTICE! Yeah baby!

  3. Brilliant news, am so pleased for you - and so well deserved!


  4. Oh wow!! You are so close to the magic 11s!! Well done hon, you really deserve it. L xx


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