Thursday, 6 February 2014

Training for an early death

Yesterday I met my personal trainer.

We didn't have a workout but he took a series of measurements so he could see where I am at. It turns out, based on my blood pressure and resting heart rate, my cardio fitness is good. Above average actually, in fact. Whoo hoo! I was pretty chuffed with that.

My viseral fat (the fat around your organs) is really good too. However, this is where it all stars to go downhill. Apparently my overall bodyfat is 40%. What the chuff? FORTY PER CENT! That seems totally bonkers to me. According to my own scales it's more like 30%. I'm sure mine are less accurate - but a 10% difference is some discrepancy.

It doesn't really matter though - I just want the number to come down and I suppose something affecting the high fat % is that my lean muscle is quite low. I'm not  really that surprised to be honest. Over the past 4 months I've only really been doing cardio work and while I've lost a good chunk of weight I do feel a bit, for want of a better word, saggy. Attractive, right?

I know I need to build more muscle and feel more toned, and that's pretty much what my PT said. He's all for giving me a gym based programme where I build muscle. Good-o. I am happy with that. I mentioned that after our chat I was going to work out in my gym, something I don't normally do and he asked if he could give me a suggestion for my cardio sessions, of which I was planning 3, 10 minute stints.

Sure thing! Free advice - let's do it. He advised 10 mins of any cardio for the first lot. I did this problem, followed by some upper body weights.The next 10 on the bike I had to go as hard and fast as possible for 20 seconds, and then recover for the rest of the minute. So there was 10 of these in total. Holy crap - after the third time I didn't think I would make it to the end. I struggled on and actually thought I might puke when I got off. I had to sit down for a few minutes - no joke. I shakily managed a few lunges and then it was onto the cross trainer for 1 min normal pace, 1 min fast but maintainable - for 10 mins. That was definitely easier but I was still in shock from the bike cardio. Quite frankly, it was horrendous.

I'm seeing him on Monday for our first proper session. He's going to kill me. I don't think I'll be able to survive. And get this... we discussed what exercise I normally do and Monday is normally a 5mile run for me. He said to go out for my run as normal in the morning and then he would see me later in the afternoon for our session. WTF? Two workouts in one day?! Sweet lord, pray for me - and send help.


  1. I am feeling sore just reading this post! Good luck staying alive!x

  2. Err is that really necessary?? It's not like you're training for the Olympics!

  3. Sounds like HIIT training which I used to do at the gym: keeps things interesting! Good luck with the trainer!

  4. Aha! It certainly sounds like HIIT training to me too! There was a prog on the TV this week about it and the science behind it - v interesting. It was Horizon and it was on - uh - Monday or Tuesday evening. Should be on iplayer.


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