Thursday, 13 February 2014

Weigh in

  • Gym workout
  • Spinning
  • 5 mile run
  • 5 mile run
  • Short gym workout
  • 40 minute power walk
  • Swimming
The result... a pound on. A POUND ON!

I am pissed off and beyond frustrated. Regardless of this shitload of exercise, my eating has been so good. SO good. Yeah, I ate a few slices of bread on Saturday and a packet of crisps but big deal - everything else was stellar. What the hell has a girl to do stop seeing the same pound over and over again?!

I feel like I am putting in a lot of effort, and the whole diet and exercise escapade is always front of mind so to get a negative result... where is the justice, people!

If I was giving advice to someone in my position, what would I say? It would be keep the faith. I'm putting in the hard work and it WILL show up at some point. However, something isn't working. The winning formula isn't winning anymore. I need to try something different and I'm about to do so, thanks to my new programme from the personal trainer. I'm ready to shake things up a bit and I am going to do everything he tells me to do.

He said to me that he's not interested on the number on the scale - that's not how he judges results. Yeah, I get that but it does matter to me. I might be the thinnest I've been for many, many years but I'm still over 12 stone - there is plenty of weight still to lose. So while I will put my trust in him and I will build more muscle, I am surely going to be losing even more fat.

This has all got a bit rambly. I'm just thinking through things and it's coming out in a mish mash. Anyway, here we go for another week.

2014 Starting Weight: 12 stone 9.25lbs
Current Weight: 12 stone 5.5lbs
Weight Loss This Week: +1lbs
Total 2014 Weight Loss: 3.75lbs


  1. Booo how frustrating! You know all this but Im going to say it anyway!! Trust in the process, you know you're doing it right. I always find it hardest to stick with it on weeks like this. With your new PT, your weight is bound to go up, down, left and right in the coming weeks, water retention for repairing muscles and all that crap I barely understand. Just hold tight and know that you will walk down the aisle looking hotter than you've looked in many many years!!! xxxx

  2. It is INCREDIBLY frustrating - I feel frustrated for you! And yes, it is all very well that there are measures other than the scales but the scales are a pretty big one for all of us.

    I went back and looked at your what I ate post and my reaction second time was the same - is it enough? Especially to sustain the level of exercise that you're doing. A lot of people over on the WW message board find that they get better results when they eat more - I'm guessing because they're keeping their metabolism properly fired up. A bad leader of mine once said that starvation mode was a myth because you never saw a fat anorexic (!!) which may be true, but I definitely think that the metabolism can get a bit sluggish if it doesn't get enough fuel.

    Sending lots of positive vibes in any case.


  3. This happens to me routinely when I'm working out like a beast. After talking to my trainer and googling it to death this is what I've discovered: it's water retention and swelling from muscle exertion. You've "injured" your muscles in an attempt to make them stronger so they're holding on to water to repair the damage aka how we build muscle...
    Also, when I find this is happening (usually after a couple weeks of perfect eating and hardcore exercise) I do a complete shock to the system and have a high calorie day. My body realizes that I'm in fact not starving it and will let go of some of the plateau weight it was hanging on to...

  4. I sympathise a lot. That high calorie day sounds fun... . Is it not just that muscle is heavier than fat? (Not that I'm an expert.)


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