Friday, 21 February 2014

Workout whammy

My limbs, my poor aching limbs. And my ribs, my ribs! How is it possible they are sore? HOW?

Yesterday's PT session was a good workout but at no point was it unbearable, which pleased me. We did trx resistance work - holding on to straps hanging off some goal posts - such as squats, chest presses and one leg squats, interspersed with sprints. The sprints were tough. I'm not fast. I can run, but I'm a plodder.

I felt pretty good after it though - and it was only 9am! So what the hell... I went to spinning at lunchtime. I should have known something was afoot when I saw the bikes were facing a different way from usual. An instructor I have never seen before was on the bike at the front. "We'll just hang on a minute more until we start, for any stray lambs... that are late to the slaughter", she said. Those were her exact words! Lambs! Slaughter!

The class was busy and I had to take a bike right at the front. SHE and I were eye to eye. There was no escape from what turned out to be the hardest spin class I have been to in a long time. A very long time. As it neared the end I was so relieved. I had kept up with the instructor the whole time, despite my early morning workout. "Just eight more minutes", she said. I'm sorry. WHAT?

She clearly didn't get the memo that this was a 45minute class, not an hour! Holy crap. I did it though. I got to the end - and I was actually really proud of my performance.

The instructor, she was very much a no nonsense type and she didn't dish out much praise but was very quick to point out negatives (i.e. get your shoulders down, stay on the beat, relax your arms) which irked me a little at first but it did give me a small smirk of pleasure when she corrected (several times) the form and pace of a husband and wife that come every week. He always dresses in cycling gear and for some reason it really pleased me that he was getting some stuff wrong. Ha! Why is that? What a horror.

Today I did my gym workout (with slightly increased weights) and then headed outside for some interval training. I ran a small loop  - sprinting for 20 seconds and then jogging while recovering for the rest of the minute. This was hellish. The wind today was so strong and it was icy cold. I live right on the coast. 15minutes from my front door and my feet are in the North Sea. The wind was whipping right in from the sea - into my face. After after my 7th sprint, I had to slow to a walk to recover. My legs felt like lead before I even started - there was no gas left in the tank!

19 minutes and 18 sprints later I made it back to the start. Since then I've parked my bum on the couch, laptop, juice (and a cup of coffee!) all within reaching distance.  I predict I'll be here till I am able to stand the pain of getting up the stairs to bed.

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  1. I am reading this in bed drinking a lovely cup of tea and I am wincing - wincing I tell you. It sounds awful but well done you, no wonder you look so awesome in tight dresses!



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