Tuesday, 18 February 2014

It's a wedding shoe in!

I've never been a huge fan of high heels. I think they look amazing but my feet just don't like em. Sore sore sore. Growing up in the 90's was perfect for me as I could get away with rockin a pair of DMs or trainers - oh so very indie.

That was 13 years ago though, and on my wedding day, it's gotta be heels - but only a mid sized heel. I'm 5ft 7" and TB is 5ft 11". I don't wanna be towering next to him as I try manoeuvring my dress and veil around the place. I'm also not bothered about buying a pair of expensive shoes such as Jimmy Choos. With my trotters there is no way they would be wide enough - not to mention the budget is already bust!

So while I've not really been on a search proper, now and then I'll pop into a shoe shop or have a quick trawl of ebay - somewhere I can pick something up for around £40.

My dress is a kind of alabaster, sort of ivory colour and so I'd been keeping my peepers open for gold/cream/silver. But then, something hit me. Anything I saw in that colour was just... meh. Even when trawling wedding blogs, I didn't like any of the usual shoes most of the brides had. They were shoes that were boring, not me and I probably wouldn't wear them again.

I had a brainwave. PINK! I wanted pink shoes. My bridesmaid's dresses are pink, so why not go for something more fun, and... well, more me. This time, the search was AWN. I think I might have come across them on ebay - a pair of mid height, peep toe pink shoes, on sale from Debenhams. A couple of clicks later and these beauties which are pretty much exactly the colour of ma gurls dresses, were mine for £9!

There is only one problem, they are a size 6. I'm a 7. So, there's gonna be a lot of this going on over the next three months. THREE MONTHS, PEOPLE. Sound the panic klaxon!

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