Tuesday, 1 March 2011

And she's off...

I've done my usual; eaten a metric tonne of junk, stuck my head in the sand and all of a sudden I can see and feel extra flab ALL OVER.

All my clothes feel tight - even in the oddest of places such as around my calves, for crying out loud. How is it possible that in the space of three days my body suddenly decides to register the gazillion calories that I've been inhaling? And let it be known the most amazing brownies in the world courtesy of Peridot's recipe certainly formed a large percentage of those calories.

Had today not been the 1st of March and had my darling mater not nagged suggested that we go hell for leather for the month of March and really try to make some serious progress then I'm pretty sure I would be stuffing my face right at this very moment.

However, I'm pleased to report that I am back on the straight and narrow and I weighed in this morning. Dear god, it was not pretty. It's the worst it's been for quite some time. I'm not ready to reveal the numbers today. I just want to get a few pounds off and then I'll be back to sharing it all. I'm going to give slimming world a bash again. I didn't seem to have a whole lot of success last time round but that was really only a couple of weeks that I gave it.

This evening I made a huge pot of chicken and sweet potato soup and planned my meals for the rest of the week.So that's the food. What about the exercise... I feel so yuck and wobbly that the thought squeezing into my gym kit is not an appealing one. I'm going to force myself to do 30 minutes tomorrow and something else on Thursday - maybe a bike ride if the weather is dry.

On Friday I'm off to see TB until Monday morning (something I need think about dealing with) and I'm going to suggest to him we play badminton on Friday avo.

So that's the plan. Just got to put it into action. Onwards!

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  1. Pleased to hear you're going to try Slimming World - it's a great plan and i've lost loads doing it. Will you be going to a group? I can really recommend that as the best option rather than trying to go it alone. And remember: every time you look at your plate, as 'where's the superfree?!'


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