Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Weigh In

Just as well I made a list of non scale victories last night as the scale is a total bastard.

After a week of eating brilliantly and working out at a very high intensity on 4 occasions, well, 4.5 actually , I have PUT ON 0.25 of a pound. WTF? Okay - so it's such a tiny gain that I've practically stayed the same but none the less - what is hell is going on?! Is it really too much to ask for four weeks of weight loss in a row? I would seem I am physically incapable of it.

I am totally pissed off but after years of battling with the scales, nothing surprises me anymore. Therefore, I am choosing to ignore the numbers as I know I feel a small difference in my clothes and I know I am feeling stronger and fitter. Still confused though and have been thinking back over where anything could have been improved upon... Okay, so I drank wine on Friday night and Saturday's evening meal wasn't very healthy and on Sunday I picked at crisps. Oh, and there was full fat margarine on my toast on Sunday morning.  And that was it! Christ, what kind of life need to be led to see results?

Okay, rant over. I am annoyed (d'ya think?!) but this is were I let myself be beaten time and time again. I'm still around half a stone away from where I usually hang out and so if it all turns to shit now then I'll just be allowing a cycle of gain to exist.

I'm going to have another great week, carry on kicking arse at the gym (and on the bike), eating lots of the right things and barely few of the wrong. Changes that I will make are; no wine and keeping a note of syns.

Onwards and downwards.

Starting Weight: 204.25 pounds
Current Weight: 196.25 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: plus 0.25 pound
Total Weight Loss: 8 pounds


  1. ignore ignore ignore, that's the spirit! you know all the tricks the human body pulls, just look at it over a 4 week period. it averages out as long as you're being consistent :) i've been lose lose gain lose lose stay-the-same gain lose- all over the shop, but the overall trend is slowly down. ROCK ON you legend you.

  2. Muscle weighs more than fat don't ya know. And it's very common to lose-lose-lose and then plateau or gain a bit before losing again. It's because your body is going through a famine mode. It tries to fold onto the calories (plateau), then can't so lets go if you keep it up (lose). I say good on you!


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