Sunday, 13 March 2011

Mother knows best

My mum has got a dream to run her own B&B. She loves to cook and look after people and boy, does she do it well. I think she should take tweak her dream slightly, inject it with a helping of her bossiness-  and run a boot camp!

After my weigh in on Wednesday I went a bit off the rails. I had a good result and was feeling really positive and was giving it all 'yeah - game on!' to myself. But then, my enthusiasm petered out. Why? Well, I don't know - do I?! I seem to be veering wildly from being totally resolute to planning a trip to the shops to buy some chocolate, which is exactly what I did on Thursday. I had been working all day at an event and had not managed to resist the free cupcakes, canapes and chocs on offer. When I got home the idea of buying some chocolate popped into my head. Once the idea is there - that's it, the seed has been planted and before I know it, it's a fricking oak tree.

Friday was a lot better. Not amazing, but quite good. Saturday I went to my folk's for the night -where Wondermum set me straight. We had a bit of  chat about all things dieting and while that didn't necessarily fire me up, it did get me thinking. On top of that, I was fed. Fed only what she chose to let me have. I arrived mid avo, only having eaten a chicken salad. Dinner was Tuscan bean soup (homemade) and then I had some melon later in the night. That was it. That was all I was allowed. Sounds harsh, eh? I know. I know!

However, it was exactly what I needed. A day of frugal eating to remind me that I don't need to panic about food.  Sometimes I worry that I'm going to be hungry, and use that as an excuse to overeat, not to the gym - and just generally give up.   So Saturday was a corker and today has been the same. I also went to my first ever body attack class.

I'm not a fan of trying new exercise. It takes me a while to get my head round it and then an even longer while to actually try it. I was meeting my friend at her gym and the only class that suited the time we were there was attack. I did not want to go. I moaned my face off about it, even as we were entering the gym. However, onwards I plodded and was soon starjumping, lunging and superman jumping. Yes, that's right superman bloody jumping. I ask you...

So I'm feeling a lot more focused. It also helps that I've got a short-ish term deadline. I'm only going on holiday in 8 weeks to the south of France. Yeah Baby!

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