Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Stand down from your panic stations

I am an idiot. What a complete tube.

So the thing I was expecting to arrive still hasn't arrived  - and then it dawned on me. Last year I got the coil fitted. The kind I got makes your periods lighter. In fact it makes them so light that they often fade away to nothing.

Yup, the answer was that simple. And the reason I was so tired was because that was the time I would have had my period. Thank goodness I didn't get all worried and convince myself there was a bun in the oven.


  1. Whew. I would say phew, but also, are you sure? You know, pee-on-a-stick sure? I take a pill that has the same effect on the old monthlies but sometimes there have been accidents and I've had to take levonelle and then a test to triple, quadruple, check...

  2. Phew! But kind of exciting to have a think about how you feel about it as a concept.....as long as it stays just that....for now.....

    Lesley xx

  3. Ha ha! I have read of a tendency called something like catastrophisation - and as a fully fledged drama queen, I am fully conversant in it. You sound like you have tendencies in that direction too!


  4. Lesley, I know exactly how I feel about it. I definitely want kids one day - and ideally not too far away. Who know, though. Will just have to wait and see.

    Claire, you're right, I should pee on a stick just to be 100% sure. Think I'll do that too.

    P, I do love a bit of drama! x

  5. Hurrah! You can get pregnancy tests from the pound shop by the way. No point spending more seeing as you know you are fine anyway!

    Rapunzel x


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