Monday, 28 March 2011

Ch ch ch changes

On Saturday night a few of us were out for drinks including Skip and his girlfriend who is also my friend. This was the first time I've seen them both since they've officially been an item.

I knew I was likely to see them and I was a bit nervous about it. There is nothing to actually be nervous about but it's that way where you think to yourself 'just be relaxed and act naturally' and then you feel a bit uptight. I was with TB and there were plenty of other people there too so it wasn't like the four of us were sitting facing each other, forced to make pleasantries. I chatted away to both of them, making the effort to make them feel I was fine with what's going on. I can imagine she would have been a bit nervous too as the whole set up is pretty fucked up. I suppose that's what happens when you have a group of friend that are adults and single. Stuff happens.

All in all I was pretty much fine with the whole scenario.I won't lie to you, I did have one eye on them most of the evening and I was careful not to ask any questions that would illicit an 'us response'. So that's that really. Life moves on...

TB and I also experienced a pivotal moment in our relationship this weekend. Well, I suppose it's more a rite of passage. This event can really bring out a person's true colours and has been known to result in blazing rows. Yes, we went to Ikea. I've been working from my dining room table and slowly but surely my back is getting sorer and sorer. I mentioned to TB that I needed to buy a desk and it was him that suggested going to the Scandinavian superstore.

Off we trotted yesterday and with little fuss picked out a desk, brought it home and assembled it! Okay, TB assembled it while I made him juice and faffed around. I knew he would put it together no problem (he's an engineer) but it was how well we got on in the shop that I was impressed by. I looked at a lot of desks, he had measured a lot and I had made up my mind which one was best. He wrote down all the particulars and we were good to go. Then I changed my mind. Instead of just standing and waiting for me, he made suggestions, discussed the various options and helped me make the right choice. I couldn't wish for someone better to have by my side.

Okay! I did end up shouting at him in the car as he proceed to point out every car that braked or had their reverse light on as I tried to navigate our way out. I can drive perfectly well, thanks! Bloody back seat driver. Ach well,  no one's perfect, eh?


  1. Made it through IKEA without a blinding row? Crikey, marry that man already! ;)

  2. Don't think the thoughts not crossed my mind!


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