Friday, 18 March 2011

The gauntlet has been thrown down

My poor thighs. My poor aching thighs.

I've really worked hard at the gym this week. Every day this week. Yup. I have worked out five days on the trot. Ooft. I have really pushed it. I'm only one and half pounds away from getting into the 13stone bracket. I want it so much that even when the sweat is dripping off me and I am spent, I've pushed on for another ten minutes.

Today I was going to do a slightly more relaxed session. The sun was shining and so I decided get my bike out and go for a wee cycle. I got my tunes on and 14 miles later I was back home. Oh yeah - 14 frickin' miles. No wonder my thighs feel like a lead weight. As for my backside.... don't ask.

There is also another reason I wanted to get my cycle on. I'm going to sign up for The Cairngorm Adventure Challenge (CAT). Apart from the fact it's the word cat (love it!) it's a difficult challenge - 3km canoe, 25km bike ride and then a 5km run. Oh my. Oh my oh my.

This is really going to test me. I wanted have a goal that will make me get my backside in gear. I'll exercise because it's helping me toward this goal, not because I just should. It's not until September though so I've got time to really get my fitness up. I don't just want to complete it, I want to kick ass!

PS) Thanks for all your feedback on moving in with TB. Loving the positive vibe. I'll tell you this though, he's got to ask me; I'm not bringing it up!

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  1. Wow! I'm sitting here in silent respect....

    Have emailed you - but possibly to the wrong address.



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