Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Good day at work, darling?

I had a great weekend with TB. His flatmate was away and so we had the place to ourselves. All in all it was pretty quiet and laid back which was just what I wanted. After two weeks of being apart all you want is some alone time - with no interruptions!

It was just so good being together and to be told nice things that you want to hear. I love him so much and I have really missed him. Yesterday when he was at work and I was working from his flat I did some washing for him, tidied the kitchen and made the tea ready for us to have that evening. I know, I'm a (stepford) mug. I was up early though and that's the joy of working from home, you can fit in things like that.

I like looking after him (okay, maybe not so much the washing) and when I told him this he told me he likes looking after me too; doing things for me and making sure I'm okay. That makes me feel so good. That is a big part of what love is, for me. Doing things for someone else that make them feel good and makes their life easier. And that goes for anyone in my life that I love- my friends and my family.

I really made an effort to stick to my diet over the weekend and I would say I did that about 85% of the time. There were a few slip up that were unplanned such as a picking at bread and crisps yesterday, and a few that were like the wine on Saturday night. I didn't say anything to TB about really making an effort but I think he's pretty much got the message. I bought a few things from the supermarket including some cold meat. I knew he wanted the chorizo selection and just as I was leaving he said: "Get whatever meat you like'. I brought back two types - his cured selection and a packet of lean ham for me. 'I bet that one jumped right out at you', he said, pointing at the word lean, on the cover.

I'm glad that he doesn't make me talk about it or question me. Or try and give me tips but just gets on with it. That is a pet hate of mine, someone who realises you are trying to be healthy and lose weight and then they proceed to give you their pearls of wisdom. How about shut up and eff off! Why do they assume that they know more that you or that you've not tried what they are suggesting. Mind yer own beeswax and piss off! Sorry.... bit of a rant there.

Last night we went to play badminton. I'm not too bad and can hold my own. TB's not played since he was at primary school (insert suitable joke about him not being long out of school here) and so I was expecting to win. And I did. Totally kicked his arse! Because the level of playing wasn't so high there wasn't quite as much running around but since we played for an hour and a half straight I think we more than made up for it. TB was the one that wanted to play on so he could try and beat me.

So tomorrow is weigh day. I'm going to have an early tea tonight and then hit the gym for my (put on a dramatic voice here please) last chance workout. This means that in the past week my exercise will have been...
  • A spin class
  • 1 hour gym workout
  • 14 mile bike ride
  • 1.5 hours of badminton
  • 1 hour gym workout
Mon the scales!


  1. When I care about someone, I want to take care of them too. Feed them, do things for them, just make them happy really. Entirely natural :)

    Looks like lots of exercise! I have a good feeling about tomorrow.

  2. Oooh, do let us know. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.



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