Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Speedtrain coming through

Shitting hell. Who the fark decided life was going to go radio rental (mental - do try and keep up). I've got all these posts (okay, two) carefully composed in my head and there ain't no time to write them.

I've had three new business enquiries come through all today and two of them are definite go-ers. The other I have to write a proposal for so it's all systems go, and yer granny's systems too. I actually don't know how I am going to do all this work and I am panicking a bit. Yes, that's why spending time blogging. I know, I know!

Apart from taking my car to the garage for an MOT and service first thing tomorrow I've got a whole day at my desk and so I'm going to have to beast on as much as I can before trotting off to spinning at 5.30pm. See, that's part of the problem. Going to the gym takes up valuable time. I was out this evening at a voluntry thing I do and so I HAD to go to the gym at lunchtime today. I'm off up to TB's on Thursday afternoon and so I'm trying to cram as much exercise in as possible while I'm at home. I also cycled to my thing tonight which was 25 minutes each way.

Once I've wrapped this baby up, I need to call my mother and then I'm going to do work for an hour and then it'll be time to do the dishes and then hang the washing up and then go to bed. Oh, and speak to TB as well. So that'll be another 11.30pm bedtime. And then tomorrow morning I get to weigh myself! Lucky me!

In prepartation for possible bad times on the scales tomorrow I've made a note of some  non scale victories to keep me in good spirits (not the kind I'd like).

  • Sleeves on a dress I was wearing the other day felt looser around the tops of my arms
  • Tummy definitely looks and feels flatter
  • Mum said my cheekbones are more prominient and my face doesn't look as round
  • Belt is doing up a notch tighter
  • Feeling fitter and stronger when exercising
Onwards and downwards!

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  1. Attagirl - need some of your mojo - totally lacking focus this week - she says as she slugs on a sauvignon blanc - ah well it's been a huge day at work! Zxx


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