Friday, 25 March 2011

Some words

So so busy with work, tidying the flat, diving off to meet old colleagues for a few after work drinks and I need to buy some new pants from M&S as matter of urgency (it's got to a very bad place in my knicker drawer) so this is a mad mental update.

  • Work is very busy and it just keeps coming. I actually want it to slow down for summer!
  • Still totally on plan with me diet. 
  • Belt is comfortably doing up in the next hole along.
  • Kicking arse at the gym but not going to be getting a workout for three days on the trot.
  • Need to get outside for a long run. Dreading that a bit.
  • Cannot wait for a drink tonight.
  • TB arrives tonight for the weekend!
  • Life is rocking at the mo.
Have a rip snorting weekend my darlings. Out! x

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  1. You're sounding so happy and full of life - great to hear. Been following your updates on twitter - not very good at tweeting yet though - and sometimes you even wake me in the middle of the night - when I've forgotten to turn my phone to silent!! Hope you're having a fantabulous weekend with TB Love Zxxe


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