Thursday, 17 January 2013

A sliver medal

Based on yesterday's performance, I think I earned silver.
I ate completely on plan during the day. I then went to the gym, which was purgatory. I did not enjoy. Apart from the fact the place was heaving, I limped through a 45 minute workout. Oh dear lord my fitness has gone right down the pan. I couldn't run for more than about 3 minutes! My legs were screaming out in agony after a minute and a half on the cross trainer. Did not enjoy. But I went. That's the real achievement. I went and I did. Things can only get better.
Then it was off to baking club. This month the theme was Baby Shower. The top cake was my rainbow cake. I was pretty happy with it but it's hard to go wrong when you slather something in cream cheese icing. There were lots of other delicious bakes - and some which looked amazing but tasted pretty poor. Mr Jelly baby I'm looking at you! The club isn't about creating the most impressive bakes ever, it's just about baking whatever you like and coming along for a chin wag.
I said I was going to have one cake and that was all. I may have had slightly more. In total I had:
  • A crispy cake shaped heart (it was so gooey)
  • A stamp sized piece of another sticky, toffee type tray bake
  • 2 cream cheese and white chocolate topped profiteroles
  • A bit of a cupcake
So yeah it's definitely more than I was planning to have. But it's a lot less that I would have had. I then walked home and had a very small portion of pasta which was leftover from TB's tea.  It's not a good dieting day but any manner of means but I felt so much more in control and I feel pretty good about my choices. 


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  1. Your cake looks AMAZING! I actually just licked my computer screen (it tasted rank btw. The screen obv, not your cake)



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