Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Slippery chocolate streets

There may or may not have been a small Quality Street incident last night.

Somehow 10 of the buggers managed to be ingested - which was then followed up with a couple of handfuls of nachos. Not really sure what happened. I was sitting around with a coffee and a couple of friends. The next thing I know, there is a massive tin of sweeties in front of me and I am dipping in, good style. And after all my gloating yesterday about how I was back in the zone. Pride before a fall, I suppose.

But these things happen and everything is back on track. Mistakes like that don't ruin a week's worth of hard work - but letting it spiral out of control, does.

It's also yet another wet and grey day but I'm still going to trudge along to the gym. I really cannot be bothered. My legs are aching, I'm tired and I just feel a bit.... blah. I'll do it though. It's weigh in tomorrow and here's hoping I see a loss to inspire.

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