Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Choose life

I'm here! I am alive! I might be doing a cracking impression of a 94 year old lady with rickets, who has been set about the thighs with a metal bar - but I am here!

CrossFit on Saturday was pretty damn good. At the time, it was pretty damn good. It's the subsequent pain that has been a little... irritating. You know, getting out of bed, sitting down, walking down stairs - all those those things now come with a massive portion of oh my god that huuuuuuurts.

I was pretty nervous before I got to the class on Saturday morning. I got there in plenty of time and headed towards the black... lock up (is the best way to describe it) - with music blaring out the thin walls. Standing just inside the door were around 10 other people looking equally as awkward. We all stood looking on as people lifted some bad ass weights, did hand stands and generally just looked insanely fit. Jesus. CHRIST. This was pretty much the scene.

Soon they all filtered out and the two guys who own and run the place welcomed us and explained what CrossFit was about. I'm still not sure to be honest. From what I could take in (I was still pretty nervous) it's about improving all areas your fitness and progressing at a level that pushes each individual. 

We soon warmed up on the rower and doing dynamic lunges. Okay  - so far so good. We then were shown how to do an air squat (i.e. without any weights). I have squatted a freaking shitload in my time. I have bodypumped till the cows came home and my workouts pretty much always feature squats- but never like this.  The whole time the guys were very patient, friendly and encouraging - so nice. Lots of jokes to put us at ease.


You see this girl... look how low she is going. Her backside is much lower than her knees. Her back is as straight upright as it possible. That is what we had to learn. Don't be fooled by little miss' smile in that picture. She is clearly deranged. Is it hard. Things were pinging in pain that I did not expect - hello odd mid back niggle that I have never felt before! And this was without any weights.

We also went over strengthening exercises for this squat. Thighs were hurting.

It was then time for the kettlebell demonstration. Again, it was all about technique. The guys were really good at making sure we were executing the swing correctly. This wasn't as painful as the lunges - thank GAWD but ooh lordy - my heart rate rocketed. We were nearing the end of the session and it was time for a quick Workout of the Day or WOD as it's called. This is the mainstay of CrossFit. There is a different WOD each day. Sometimes it's for time (completed as fast as possible) and sometimes it's 3/4/5 rounds. Today it was for time.

In pairs we had to row 300m each,  complete 100 squats between us (10 for you, 10 for me), 100 kettlebell swings between us and then another 300m rowing each to finish. It sounds simple. I think it actually sounds not too hard. WRONG. I pretty much ran out of steam with  150 metres of rowing left. Totally knackering.

I left the gym feeling pretty good. My legs were wobbling and my heart was pounding but I felt pretty pleased with myself - until I woke up the next day. Agony. My legs were agony. Even pressing lightly on the front of my thigh was like a steel rod being driven into my leg. I manage to shuffle around the flat but when it came to going down the stairs - ha! I would have been left for dust by my 83 year old Granny. I honestly do not think my muscles have been that sore since I went to my very first bodypump class in 2001 (crap, that was 12 years ago!).

So what do I think... Is CrossFit for me. Am I willing to make the time to fit it into my life? Am I going to commit? To even begin training properly I need to complete a introductory course - 3 weekends in a row, 2 hours each time. That's a lotta weekend time for someone who is rarely around at weekends. And I'm so unfit right now! The thought of going along and training alongside people who are properly fit, fills me with dread. I am actually scared about it - and there's not much I've ever said that about.

Of course, I've signed up for it. Game on.


  1. Loved reading this! I've signed up for the Fundamentals course a week on Friday, they are doing a special offer and running it for an hour for 9 weeks rather than the usual two, two hour sessions: it works out half the price and it looks like we are getting double the training. Its the fact that they show you how to do things properly that really appeals to me, as I think form can go a bit when you work out at the gym by yourself. I've done those deep squats before, and know just how hard they are, I'm kind of dreading them, I found them impossible before. Lets hope I enjoy it as much as you did!

  2. Attagirl. It's a challenge - would you be up for it? Bloody oath you would. Look forward to hearing more about it x

  3. I hoped this helped you Ffion. I'll be interested to hear how you get on. When do you start?

    Zanna, it makes me so happy to see your comments here! x

  4. Well done you! If the pain-gain thing is correct, you are due a lot of gain (of the fitness variety I hasten to add)



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