Tuesday, 8 January 2013

False start

My usual 'get stuck right into the new year' attitidude has been thwarted by a whole lotta not feeling well.

I should be cleaning out cupboards and emarking on my debut run of 2013 but instead I've been sitting on my backside and doing a power of sleeping while I shake some sort of virus that seems to have taken hold. This displeases me. Greatly.

It also means that I haven't exactly given my healthy eating push the kick start I should have. Compared to what I was scoffing, I've been a saint but I still seem to be slowly polishing off the Christmas left overs despite having really healthy meals. A wee Thorntons chocolate here, a slathering of butter on my bread there... Not cool.

I'm not going to worry about it though. Quite frankly, I've not had the energy. I'm feeling a good bit better today (and am back at work) and so I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning (back to the Wednesday weigh in), with the hope of seeing a small drop, and then it's time to shift this backside into fifth gear and get motoring into a slimmer, healthier 2013.

Looking at last years stats, there is a lot to build on.
  • This time last year I was half a stone lighter. I want to shed this half stone - forever.
  • I finished the year weighing the same as I did at the start. I want to weigh A LOT less at the end of this year than I do now.
  • I got down to my lowest weight ever in July. I want to get there again  - and beyond!

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