Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Holla! I feel a bit wired today and so here's is a snapshot of the things running through my tiny mind...

  • The furthest distance I've run in recent history as been 5 miles.Yesterday I ran 4.4miles. I'm quite confident I could have managed 5 but I had to get home as I'd arranged to meet TB. I'm still pretty bloody chuffed with that. 4.4miles without stopping, in 45 mins. Well done me! I've just checked the weather forecast for Friday, when I plan to do my next run. It's looking like a nice day. 5.5miles (or more!), you will be mine! 
  • My lower legs are feeling quite toned but that's about it. Must stop scrutinising wobbly body parts and my ever shrinking boobs.
  •  Swimming tonight. Quite looking forward to it.
  • For some reason i-tunes and most of the songs I've got from torrents over the years, are not speaking to each other so I've lost A LOT of songs.  It's really pissing me off.
  • New spinning (RPM) track in my class this Thursday. Very interested to see what it's like. Cannot be worse than the 2 minute long sprint that we just had. Actually made me want to puke.
  • Last night I bought 690meters of ribbon for the wedding. This excites me greatly.
  • Looks like TB and I might be buying a new car this weekend. I know! Wedding and car in the same year. Oh, and did I mention we're also getting a new kitchen at the end of summer?! A new (2nd hand) car will be lovely but it also means we will just have one car between us. Ugh.  The independent me hates that. I love having my own car and paying for it all myself. It also means we will need to be more organised as some days I need it to get to the gym and shops (when working from home) and TB uses it to get to work. This is only a winter problem though as in better weather we are close enough to cycle everywhere. Just realised how much of a spoiled brat this whole car chat makes me sound.
  • Meal planning for this week includes, middle eastern style beef (didn't like it much), chicken salad, chilli and spicy turkey burger things I have yet to devise.
  • This month I'm reading 'slaughterhouse five' for my book club. Did I ever mention I was in a book club? Has anyone read it? The book, not the book club. OBVS.


  1. Slaughterhouse Five is one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors. Hope you like it!

    1. I started it yesterday. So far, I'm intrigued.

    2. Did you know Vonnegut graded his own books? Kinda interesting to see what he liked the most!


      (He gives Slaughterhouse Five an A+.)


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