Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I do... want to enjoy every moment

I'm not going to to count down the weeks to the wedding. Definitely not. I cannot handle that kind of information.

I know it's coming and it's going to be here before we know it.Which is fan-bloody-tastic! I was walking to work this morning and was just having a wee happy moment to myself about how flippin awesome I feel right now.  But there ain't no ying without yang, no cake without calories. I'm also a little bit.... panicky. Is that the right way to describe how I'm feeling? I feel a quickening of my breath and my heart definitely beats a little faster when I think about all the organisation that lies ahead. Well, not really ahead - it's kinda NOW!

Okay, I'm not really panicking but I am just very aware of what needs to be done, never mind the things I've not even thought about! But I want to enjoy it too. Yesterday, I paid the deposit for the portaloos. It doesn't get much more enjoyable than that! Joking aside, that job is the kind of job that makes me feel a bit more on top of things. You know,agreeing delivery dates and knowing that things are going to actually turn up on time.

There's no getting away from it, I am thinking marriage thoughts A LOT and so of course they are going to spill over onto this here blog. Yes, okay - they already have! So let's get right on with it and let me tell you all about the bridesmaid dresses!

My original brief was that I thought I'd like something electric/bright blue, knee length and kinda floaty. Does this look any of these to you? Yeah, total u-turn. I love electric blue and we had almost decided on a dress which I happened upon on the Coast website. Both my lovely (and very slim) bridesmaids tried it on and liked it. But then, I saw this baby. My dress has a bit of a 1950's feel to it and I do enjoy a sticky out skirt - so this pretty much jumped out of the screen at me.

Coast feels like a bit of a bridesmaid cliche but they do have some lovely dresses and since my two girls live in different cities - it's makes finding a dress and trying it on, that bit easier. So I really liked this dress and it was in the sale. Great - half price (I would not be paying full price - well outta budget). But then... what if we couldn't get it in the right sizes. Rather than miss out I decided just to buy them online, get them posted out to the girls, and we could return them if need be. 

The web pic makes it look kinda coral pink, but it's actually bright pink - which you can see a bit better in the close up. Maybe not my first choice of colour but the dress is so lovely and look at that detailing! The netting makes the skirt stick right out and when I saw Bridesmaid 1 in it, she looked gorgeous.   Bridesmaid 2 says she feels a bit self conscious as it's strapless and she is between sizes and will have to get the size 12 taken in. But in the pics she sent me she looks fantastic.

This dress has more pow than the first. And I want something that packs a bit of punch and doesn't just melt into the background. I also want to get another thing ticked off the list - and ticked it is!


  1. Gorge dress!! Love the colour.

    Good luck on the pre-wedding non-countdown!! Living room looks very classy....I'm jealous. L xx

  2. Damn - I just typed you a long comment and now it's disappeared. First sorry about how slack I am at keeping in touch - but I do read and enjoy regularly! I'm so pleased and proud of your weightless efforts - know how hard it is - and you look fantastic as I can see on photos over on the other place. I adore the BM dress - fabulous vibrant colour and will contrast so well with your dress. And I thoroughly enjoy hearing all about the wedding preps - I can participate in them vicariously! Much love Anni xxx

  3. Boo my comment disappeared too :(

    In that close up pic it looks like there might be a shoestring strap? Sometimes they come with detachable straps and if she has her dressmaker permanently attach it while taking it in she might feel a little more secure.

    Good luck with all the wedding prep. Love that you're enjoying every minute... mine will forever be ever so slightly tainted with body loathing. I wish I could go back and tell myself to snap out of it


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