Thursday, 16 January 2014

Weigh in

I wasn't feeling too confident about today's weigh in. I've been good, but not great. Definite room for improvement - wine and crisps, I'm looking at you.

I feel this was fairly reflected on the scales - 3/4 of a pound off. It's a loss, not a great one, but it's a loss. And indeed a loss that takes me back down to my Christmas Day (and all time low) weigh in of 12 stone 4.75lbs. So I'm pretty happy with that.

The more I think about it, I'm very happy with that. Halfway through January, four months (and one day!) away from the wedding and I'm at my lowest weight ever... fan-bloody-tastic!

I'm just about to head off to my lunchtime spinning class, where I'm also going to ask my instructor if he can recommend any personal trainers. Tonight I'm giving Laura's recipe from Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish a bash - Thai green chickpea, squash and roasted cauliflower curry a bash. Can't wait!

2014 Starting Weight: 12 stone 9.25lbs
Current Weight: 12 stone 4.75lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 0.75lbs
Total 2014 Weight Loss: 4.5lbs

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  1. That's brilliant! So next week it's on to brand new fresh fat? Fabulous! Very pleased for you.



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