Monday, 20 January 2014

Lady marmalade

Get ready for some pretty bleedin' exciting news. Ready? Today I ran 5.4 miles without stopping. That's almost 9km - and I did it in 57 minutes. Whooo hooo!

I am so pleased with myself. It was just the perfect run. My legs felt relaxed and when I hit the halfway point I seemed to just get into a lovely rhythm and my thoughts were wandering away on their own accord, distracting me from the pounding of the pavement. As I got towards my end point I knew I had it in me to keep going so I snuck in an extra wee bit, just in case I hadn't quite broken the 5 mile barrier. Wheeee! I am very happy with that. Next stop -a 10k!

So it's been an excellent Monday following a weekend of marmalade making (41 jars of the stuff! I do feel it's my signature preserve though so I need to have plenty to give away throughout the year), tinkering with my car as we prepare to sell it and wedding planning. The visit on Friday to the venue went really well and I'm beginning to see how it's all going to take shape.

TB has surprised me actually - he's well up for including touches throughout the day that will make it more than just a marquee in the grounds of an old house. His best man is a farmer so we're hoping to get hay bales for seats. We're also planning to supply a lot of booze at the drinks reception so we're now on the hunt for something like an old bath or metal drum to fill with ice and bottles. I though he might think that was a bit naff - but no!

 Healthy eating over the weekend was okay. I stupidly opened a box of After 8's on Saturday night which I did a great job of scoffing most of. I also wolfed down some crackers and brie. Oops. Apart from that though, pretty sensible.  It's been quite a quiet weekend all in all though but that's probably quite good - the one coming up is pretty boozy and busy.

I'm just about to make this week's soup -  red lentil, chickpea and chilli and I've also planned four nights meals. I'm not usually this organised!

  • Monday. WW homemade curry & rice
  • Tuesday. Fish Pie
  • Wednesday: Chicken salad
  • Thursday: Thai green noodle bowl (TBC)
  • Friday: Dinner dance
Four fruit marmalade, measuring up for plan B for the wedding ceremony, marmalade stage 2, kitten 1 helping with the washing, kitten 2 sitting up like a big boy!

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