Thursday, 30 January 2014

Weigh in

Stayed the same and I am annoyed.

If I had lost last week, I would have been more accepting of it but that's two weeks on the trot things have not gone my way. 

Of course, as usual I am really pissed of straight away and as I slowly begin to calm down I'm thinking back over the week about what I could have done better. Where am I letting things slip?

It's definitely not the exercise. Yeah, I skipped swimming on Tuesday night but a 10k, spinning and body pump are three pretty intensive workouts in one week. It's the food - it's got to be the food, and the drink.
  • Wine. I drank a lot of wine (and other booze) over the weekend.
  • Sneaky mouthfuls. It seems like nothing at the time but the odd small biscuit and cracker are creeping in.
  • Portions. The last two nights I've had the same size portions as TB.
  • Boiled sweets. I love me a boiled sweet. 1 a day is fine. 6 is not.
  • Coconut milk/cream in my coffee. This has to stop.

Okay, I feel better now (and people wonder why blogging is so popular). This is a test. This is the time I have to push on through and really focus. I will not be defeated.

Apart from book club on Friday (where we're having mac and cheese with chorizo!) when I will be sticking to dark rum and diet coke, there is no reason I cannot have a killer week.

I am going to have a killer week.

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  1. It is frightening how the little odds and ends add up - probably why I am surgically attached to my iPhone tracker. But focus on the big picture - the trajectory is still downwards, you are KICKING ARSE (I am posh and English so sound ridiculous saying that in real life but never mind) exercise wise and you look stunning for it. The scales will catch up in their own sweet time.



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