Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Let's get personal

I was lying in bed last night, various thoughts running through my mind, and of course, soon I was thinking about losing weight - and what I'm going to look like in my wedding dress (I'm going to be wearing a wedding dress sooooon! Waaaaahaaaa!).

I'm doing quite a lot of exercise at the moment but apart from the once fortnightly bodypump class, it's all pretty much cardio. Cardio is working for me. It's definitely helping me lose weight but what about resistance training?

Weights are good for you. Weights help build muscle. Weights help you tone (which doesn't actually exists - it just means more muscle is being built which it turn is more visible.)  I need to do more resistance training. I could go along to my gym and do it, but it just doesn't appeal. Been there, done that - can't be arsed doing it again. 

I like being outside and as I lay there in bed, a vision of myself working out in the garden, on the beach, in the park with a personal trainer, came into my mind's eye. If there was ever a time I wanted to look and feel my absolute best, it's my wedding day.

The wedding is almost exactly four months away. Why don't I treat myself to a personal trainer a couple of times a month (maybe more) from now until the wedding? Why not? Why the hell not?!

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