Thursday, 23 January 2014

Weigh in

Well that's annoying. A quarter of a pound on.

What's a quarter of a pound? It's nothing - so it's not a setback or anything. I'm just a bit puzzled. Looking back over the past week I know that there should have been a loss.

I've said it before though, and I'll say it again... weight loss can be a bitch. Okay, I've not actually said that.
The sentiment is the same though, some weeks your body just doesn't play ball. I just need to learn from this week (cut out the odd mouthful of this and that creeping in) and get my head down for another week.

This weekend will be challenging - we've got a dinner dance tomorrow night and a wedding on Saturday. So pretty boozy and we're staying a hotel both nights. I love a challenge though - let me show you who's the boss here.

2014 Starting Weight: 12 stone 9.25lbs
Current Weight: 12 stone 5lbs
Weight Loss This Week: plus 0.25lbs
Total 2014 Weight Loss: 4lbs


  1. Pah. That is annoying but, as you say, bodies are peculiar things and don't seem to want to work on a straight line basis. Which is frustrating, yes, but ultimately if the trend is downwards and you are kicking arse fitness wise then you are winning overall.

    Boozy weekends are my favourite sort - have a fabulous time!


  2. Boo to that pesky quarter of a pound! You've been doing absolutely fabulously though my love so hopefully it's nothing more than an annoying blip. xx


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