Thursday, 9 January 2014

Weigh in

First proper results weigh in of 2014. Please please let this set the tone for the rest of the year... 3.75lbs off. Say WHAAAAAAT?

Truth be told, I had a bit of a dodgy week. Those Ferrero Rocher were not going to eat themselves. Those onion rings needed to be polished off. But I suppose I did make a lot of good choices too. And I bodypumped and swam. But let's not forget - the night before last week's weigh in did indeed feature chips and possibly some kebab so that may well have had some bearing.

Well, whatever the reasons, it's January the 9th and I weigh 12 stone 5.5lbs! Just 3/4 of a pound more and I'll be back to my Christmas Day weight. So that's this weeks challenge right there - 1lb. That one pound would take me into fresh fat, and I think we all know how much I love fresh fat!

Today I'm muching on some of last night's frittatta leftovers before spinning at lunchtime, I'll have some cold meat and a clementine this afternoon and for dinner I'm going to give Sarah from EssBeeVee's butternut squash lasagne a bash.

Also, delighted you like the bridesmaid dresses. I only feel joy when I look at them!

2014 Starting Weight: 12 stone 9.25lbs
Current Weight: 12 stone 5.5lbs
Weight Loss This Week: 3.75lb
Total 2014 Weight Loss: 3.75lbs

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  1. Wow, wow, wow what a FAB start to your 2014 weight loss campaign! Long may it continue.

    Oh and I didn't get the chance to comment on the dress post but yup, they are truly beyootiful.



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