Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Festive flab

Well hi there! How is everyone?! Did you have a super, smashing great Christmas time and New Year?

I had a lovely lovely time (especially in the new living room). After weighing myself on Christmas morning I then had a right good time stuffing my wee face with scrambled eggs made with double cream and then a mahoosive Christmas dinner, followed by sticky toffee pudding (with extra toffee sauce, of course!). Delicious and divine and I loved it!

TB and I hosted Christmas Day with both sets of parents and TB's Granny and Grandad. It went really well and the food was all cooked beautifully - even if I do say so myself. And the sticky toffee pudding - Oh My GOD. Once relative calm was restored on Boxing day, I got right back on with healthy eating.... until about 5pm when I started eating again and had a load of ice cream with... left over toffee sauce!

That's the thing about hosting Christmas, you are the ones that are left with so much food that the only option is to eat yourself out of the pile of opened boxes of chocs, left over nuts and half bags of crisps. It also doesn't help that I made chocolate and pistachio fudge and macadamia nut brittle. Good one!

Through most of the next day I actually felt guilty about not getting right back on with healthy eating and also the fact I had sore ears and I didn't want to face the horrible wind for a run that would undo some of the damage. Then I decided I was being an idiot and I enjoyed the over indulgence. It's Christmas for crying out loud! So I four days of food, drink and general lazing around. Wonderful! Then on the Sunday I got my arse in gear, popped on my new running gloves and headband, and trotted off for a wee 5k which I completed at a speedy pace. Well done me!

After that we were soon off to London for three nights to enjoy Hogmanay with friends and while there was a LOT of drinking, there wasn't the same amount of face stuffing. We got home on the 3rd and on the 4th, me and the scales reacquainted ourselves. 4.5lbs on. 9 days of gay abandon, 4.5lbs on. That's not too bad.

Well, yes - it is a lot of weight to put on in just over a week but as total festive flab goes, it could have been much MUCH worse. That took me to 12 stone 9.25lbs. I'd then like to tell you how I got right back on the straight and narrow, shunning all temptations... but that would be a lie. I started off well but a quick bout of tonsillitis, and lack of determination saw the next few days pass by in a vaguely healthy/one too many chocs/oops there goes a bag of onion rings sort of way.

But yesterday was Monday. That was back to reality day. That was back to work, gym and making soup day. I love a routine. I love a schedule. Normality has resumed. I don't need to think about anything anymore. I just need to do what I was doing before. Bodypump yesterday was a struggle but I went. Last night I made soup. Tonight I shall swim and before I know it, the weeks will have passed - and the wedding will be here!

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  1. Happy new year! As gains go that is pretty mimsy and will be off in no time. So excited to hear about your wedding countdown!!



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