Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The ego has landed

Hey you guys! So, um... how bloody lovely were about the pics of me in my dresses?  SO bloody lovely!

I did indeed end up wearing the purple dress and I felt great it in. TB was so complimentary all night to me - as were quite a lot of other people who asked if I had lost weight and said how great I was looking. Such a great feeling. So thanks for being so kind. I really appreciated it.

Something I have notices is that I can wear heels for longer and my feet aren't as sore. I suppose there's a stone and a half less weight on them which has got to help! My feet were killing me by the end of the night but previously I wouldn't have lasted longer than 10 minutes. My bunions (yes, I know - really attractive chat) didn't hurt at all. Wearing heels, that is unheard of!

In addition to working the heels and feeling good, the weekend was great fun all round and oh my god, how useful was it to go to someone's wedding and properly notice all the things that need to be done? Very useful. It was also a very boozy weekend and the foodie challenges were all too prevalent. I think I did okay...

Friday at the dinner dance I ignored the bread and only picked at the pudding. I did drink a LOT of wine though. Saturday breakfast, I had scrambled eggs and a slice of toast and lunch was soup. At the wedding things did begin to slip. I had quite a few canapes and again, more...wine! Game terrine, salmon and banoffee pie for the meal. Not too bad but a couple of oatcakes with butter snuck in there and I should have just said no to pudding.

Sunday I was pretty good apart from quite a bit of chocolate made its way into my face and then a toasted roll, butter and jam about half an hour before bed. That was a huge error on my part. Damn you, hangover! Yesterday I also munched on Haribo in the evening. I don't even like Haribo that much!

However, where I can report excellence is on the exercise front. Kicked arse at bodypump yesterday and on Friday, get this..... 9.3km in 1 hour and 1 minute! That's 700 meters away from a 10k! Can you believe it?! I am so chuffed. And I wasn't really pushing the pace too much, I felt. This means there are now two goals in my sights. Complete a 10k, and complete a 10k in an hour. That is bonkers to think I could do it that fast... but of course I could!

Contrasty to all that though, I am taking the night off exercise, tonight. I've got the whole getting to the sports centre dilemma (to wet to cycle) and I have bulled a muscle in my back which is pretty much total agony. So I'm having a guilt free cosy night in.

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