Monday, 13 January 2014


Salut mes amies!

What a lovely weekend I had. TB and headed off to my parents' on Saturday morning for a birthday tea (Papa is 61 today) with them and my brother, sister in law and nephew. It was just such a nice relaxed night with good food, drink and some games thrown in for good measure. Has anyone played Rummikub?  For someone who's not a numbers person it's really good!

It was also so nice to see my chubby wee nephew. He is so lovely and just at that weight where he is solid and so cuddleable.

We also had some really good wedding chat. About how we're going to decorate the marquee and some plans for making the ceremony area a little more pretty. At the moment it's just a rectangular bit of lawn. My mum is making our wedding cake and she was also practising making sugared fruits for it. Of course, they were a resounding success! I am getting excited!

Food wise, the weekend featured far too many sweeties and crisps. I had quite a steady hand to mouth action going after a few rum and diet cokes on Saturday night. Oops. And then TB and I popped into a sweet shop on our way home on Sunday. That was a mistake. I just shouldn't go in at all. I spent the rest of the day munching on wee bits of fudge and puff candy - and then I actively chose to eat a couple of biscuits For god sake, woman! My meals have all been really good so I'm hoping I've not done too much damage. Well, we'll see.

Today is soup day. At the tail end of 2013 I got in the habit of making soup on a Monday which I froze in individual portions which built up so I had a bank of delicious and healthy soups to chose from for my lunches. Some of my favourite were butternut squash with chilli, thai style chicken with spinach, and spicy sweet potato.

Last week I made broth with my left over roast turkey stock and I'm now about to get on with this week's endeavour, spinach and pea. I just sort of make them up as a I go along. I'm think I'll sweat off some chopped up onion, celery and carrot and then I'll add stock. Maybe about 30 mins later I'll fire in the spinach and a bag of frozen peas - finally blitzing it with the hand blender once it's all cooked through. I do love a spicy smokey soup but I think I'll keep this one quite plain.

Okay, this is all pretty dullzzzzzz - so schlater!

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