Thursday, 16 June 2011

10 mins in the Lovecat cranium

  • Ooh, my legs feel heavy after yesterday's exercise blitz of 1 hour of badminton singles, 1 hour of circuits and a 10 mile bike ride
  •  I've eaten quite a lot for dinner but it has all been 'clean' food - don't sweat it
  •  Is the man (well, boy) in the bike shop flirting with me?!
  • I think I'll book in for bodypump tomorrow as I've not been for ages
  • I bloody love Jamie Oliver's fish pie (healthified by removing oil and drastically reducing the cheese)
  • I wonder what other blogs are out there that I should be following
  • I really should find out how to put a twitter button on this here blog
  • I can't believe I'm 13 stone 3lbs!
  • I'm excited about getting my bike back after its tune up and service
  • What can I do to help me avoid food pitfalls at the weekend when I'm away camping with my voluntary thing...
  • I must find an event, like a triathlon, to sign up for later in the year
  • My god my mother looks so thin and gorgeous (She's lost the same as me and then some).
  • I love coffee
  • My god, my pussycat is the cutest
  • I need a weekend and home and a boozy night out with my bezzie. LDR's can really take over. 
  • Boobs - please don't get any smaller! You are getting droopy.

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  1. I love this list - it's like taking a wander round my own brain, jumping from random topic to equally random thought, and then "ooh - mustn't forget to do that moments!" :o)

    Congrats on this week's loss by the way! x


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