Thursday, 23 June 2011

Weigh in & trying on

Precursor - I wrote this yesterday but blogger was being a twat and wouldn't let me upload pics.

I think I could have knocked out 10 miles everyday last week and eaten nothing but lettuce leaves and I would still only have lost half a pound.

Yup, it's my low loss week and I lost half a pound. I'm a bit miffed as I really did try and buck the trend this week and thought I had done enough. I'm not sweating it though (will save that for circuits later) as my body seems to be in a pattern and if I get a 2lbs loss next week then I'll be more than happy. I can't get complacent though as I still need to work hard for it.

Forgetting about the scale for a moment I did some trying on of clothes. It's TB's birthday on Friday (he'll be 24 - yes, he's getting older! He's definitely getting older!) and we're going out for a nice meal and so it's time to ditch the jeans and opt something a bit fancier. Wait. What's that noise? Oh yes, someone's hit the panic button. Panic people! I have nothing 'fancy' to wear.

I haven't worked in an office for two years and my formal clothes, which can often be dressed up to become a bit more 'going out worthy', are pretty much non existent. I live in jeans and casual dresses with leggings. These are not fancy enough. And so I delved into the wardrobe.

First up- black trousers. I bought these size 18 suit trousers from Next about a year ago. They are good quality and are typical of my fat uniform - black, wide legged trousers teamed with a tighter top. Yes, they are deadly boring but if I had to inject a bit of life into an outfit with them, I could. I'm not going to have to though as they are falling off me. Far too big! I look like I'm on day release from the mental hospital in them. I can't bear to give them to the charity shop though. I've only worn them around 10 times! I did chuck out a pair of grey trousers I bought about 4 years ago and have work once as they are are just a bad fit.

Okay- what other options do I have. Ah yes, the black dress which is pretty short but it's quite flattering as it's flarey out from the waist number (the pic doesn't do it justice). It's got a nice square pattern to it and I love the sweetheart neckline. I remember I last wore this when I was going out with Moonraker (the night he told me he loved me in fact). I must have been around 5lbs heavier or so than I am now. I felt really self conscious about how short it was but he thought I looked good in it and I am feeling quite upbeat about my pins at the moment - so it's a definite possibility.

Right what else is in here. Oh yes, black shirt dress from Oasis, we meet again. I bought this bad boy (that's in dire need of an iron) in a fit of new year 'I am going to lose weight' enthusiasm about 4 or 5 years ago, even though it was far too tight. It's got a sexy police woman feel about it and boy, does it hug in all the right places - and also the wrong ones if you are trying to wedge your size 20 arse into a size 16. To that end, I have never worn it. I've tried it on lots, but I've never worn it. I pulled it on this morning and... oh my, it's feeling and looking pretty good. Pretty good indeed. I'm always going to struggle with a straight up and down dress since my top half is two sizes smaller than the bottom but hey, that's what belts are for, right?

And so TB better prepare to blown away when I rock up on Friday in heels and a cheeky black number. I hope he thinks all his birthday's will have come at once.

Starting Weight: 204.25 pounds
Current Weight: 184.5 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 0.5 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 19.75 pounds

PS) Peridot, ha - you are correct I didn't rebuke the cooked breakfast. I meant to write rebuff! Although next time I will most definintely rebuke it too.


  1. He'll be blown away, lucky boy :)


  2. You are going to look AMAZING! Those dresses scream out for red lipstick too....

    Don't fret on the weight loss - bet you'll reap the rewards next week - and focus on fitting into slinky clothes.


  3. Just letting you know I have nominated you for a blog award..


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