Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mother Hubbard

Last night was my second night at circuits. After my evening meal of homemade broccoli soup and a ryvita and cold meat (more on that in a moment) I was feeling rather sleepy and conked out for an hour before the class. I woke up just in time to get changed and jump on my bike. I was less than a minute away from home when the heavens opened. It was chucking it down. I thought to myself “it’ll pass in a moment, just keep pedalling on” and so I did – until I had to stop because I couldn’t see for the rain in my eyes. Not only was the rain in my eyes but it was running down my head into my eyes too. I actually could not see where I was going. By this time my hands were freezing and I was soaked to the skin. I turned back.

Don’t get me wrong, I was not happy about it. I need to get in my five days of workouts. I’m losing just over a pound a week on average and that is what it takes! 5 workouts that really push me and this was a workout and a seven mile bike ride I was missing. I got home and papped on Jillian M’s 30 day shred (by the way, what the hell is all this ‘are you going to phone it in business?) and did that followed by some vigorous house work.  Not nearly as much as the class and cycle but it’s better than nothing. I then sat on my arse and read my book. I then ate some stuff. 

Yeah, broccoli soup for dinner is all well and good but it’s not gonna fill you up, is it? I must have gone into the kitchen and opened the cupboard doors and the fridge and freezer 20 times. I am not exaggerating. I was hungry and I needed something. I ended up having another cracker and some cold meat, an ice pole, an apple, some grapes, 2 boiled sweets and an options hot chocolate. Thank god I didn’t have a box of cereal in the flat as I would have eaten it – fo shizzle. Ideally I wouldn't have had anything but I did and it could have been worse. A lot worse.

I was meeting a friend for lunch today then heading off to help put up a marquee (part of the voluntary stuff I do) and then rushing to catch the train to see TB so I had to get my workout in this morning. I’ve been doing a mixed up version of the same stuff for a while at the gym and today was the day that things moved up a level. The 4kg medicine ball is now a 5kg. The 8kg hand weights for chest presses and lunges are now 9kg. The cross trainer is now at level 7 but I’m going as fast as level 6 and the treadmill is up to 9.7kmph as my lowest speed. 

Oooh, I really felt the difference. The exercises felt really hard at the time and afterwards everything felt heavier and harder to do i.e. walking (not the best at that normally, mind you! Always bumping into things). It’s good though. I have to keep pushing on if I want to keep losing weight. I’m eating all the right things and very few of the wrong and so there’s not a lot of changes I can make there. I can however, keep pushing myself when working out. It’s easy to get into my comfort zone where it’s a tough, sweaty workout but am I really giving it everything? There is no point in spending all that time working out if I’m not going to make it count. 

Tomorrow is my last day of working out before two days off. Right now I cannot be arsed. I am knackered and will only arrive at TB’s at 1115 tonight. I will though. This is how it has to be. One hour of being uncomfortable (and probably in pain for some of it) and then I’m freeeeeeeeeeee (and smug).

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  1. I have that DVD and I'm with you on the 'phone it in' confusion business. I can't work out whether it's a good or bad thing?! Good DVD though!


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