Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Keep on moving

Tomorrow is weigh day and so as per it's time for a quick exercise recap.
  • Wednesday: 2 mile bike ride and 30 day shred
  • Thursday: Gym workout (with upped weights)
  • Friday: 5km run interspersed with squats/lunges/stair runs/press ups
  • Saturday and Sunday: Nothing
  • Monday: 3  mile bike ride. Gym beasting (1 hour 20)
  • Tuesday: 7 mile bike ride. Spinning
Apart from Wednesday (when it was too wet for circuits) I am really happy with that.  I've upped my weights at the gym and am now running at 9.8kmph. Friday's run was tough going but I kept at it and mixed up the exercised with running. I'm sneaking in an extra cycle this afternoon which will hopefully make up for Wednesday when I also should have done 7 miles but only did 5.

How am I feeling about weigh in? Not sure. I don't feel any slimmer but that's normal as I normally only notice a change every few weeks and it was just 10 days ago I felt a difference. I definitely feel stronger which is great, but as the weekend had a fair few dubious food choices... who knows. On average I've been losing over a pound a week. To keep that average up I really need a good loss tomorrow but at the moment I'd be happy with half a pound.

Just give me a loss! Please? Right - best be off on my wheels.

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