Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride my bike.... but my poor bike is unwell.

Last night I was meeting friends in the pub and so I jumped on the wheels for the 2 mile journey and off I rode. Lovely. Time to go home and as I'm pedalling up a rather steep hill away from the pub, I'm thinking to myself that the ground feels awfully bumpy under wheel. I pull over and much to my dismay, and still the best part of two miles from home, my back wheel is flat as a pancake. Normally I love a pancake, too!

I have grown to love my bike so much. I use it all the time and I love cycling around the city and so the thought of it being out of action has send me into a (wheel) spin. Being able to get around the city faster than it would normally take me to drive is incredible and it's free; no petrol or parking money. On top of that, it's another way I can move and get some exercise in. Yeah, I've got gears but there are hills where I live. Lots of them. Despite the fact my things are rather chubby, under that chub I can just about make out some muscles.

I cannot advocate cycling enough. 

Not only was I planning to cycle to a meeting today but I've tonight I've got a meeting for my voluntary thing. Initially this was met with with massive disdain as Tuesday night is spinning night. However, a plan formed. I could gym it at tea time and then cycle to the meeting which would be a round trip of 8 miles or so. Perfect. Well it's not perfect with a flat tyre!

I will not be defeated that easily though. I'm about to leave for my meeting and am going via the repair shop and soon my lovely wheels will be back on the road! Ah wait..... it's pissing it down! Rage! I am going to arrive at my meeting wet and soggy and the chances of being able to cycle in this weather tonight are just what I want to be... slim.


  1. Ah rats!!! This is what I live in fear of happening. Luckily for me, my mate's boyfriend showed me how to fix a puncture a while ago, and the first time it happened to me whilst I was out biking alone, I discovered myself to be competent and fixed it. Anything more than that going wrong though and I be screwed! I've signed myself up for a ladies only bike maintenance workshop this Friday night to try and remedy that (completely with free drinks and nibbles - god bless my local bike shop) - might be worth seeing if any of your locals run any similar workshops?

    Hope they can sort you in time! Sue (Starfish264) - stupid Blogger's playing up!

  2. I'm actually pretty handy and have changed a wheel (and all that comes with it) as well as brake pads. I just don't have the tools and I reckoned I'd need to buy a new innertube which was a fiver and since fitting and a new tube was only a tenner I took it to the nice wee mannie to fix.

  3. Yes, I'd get someone more dextrous than me to replace it too - just for peace of mind.

    I've developed a knee pain when cycling so will have to sort that out - very very frustrating (and painful)



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