Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A sweaty list

I can only stay away from blogging about all things diet and exercise for so long... Here I am, back with my exercise run down ahead of tomorrow's weigh in which, quite frankly, I am dreading and do not hold out much hope for.

I will say that the black dress on Friday night went down a storm. I got a small fright when I was dressed and saw myself in a full length mirror. My legs are the best they have ever looked and I was genuinely surprised. Coming from someone who has always hated her legs and has suffered from the worst cankles known to man you have no idea how good it feels to see some definition. My jeans, you know - the jeans, the go to pair (we all have em), are feeling pretty saggy and so you never know what the scales will say tomorrow. After all, it is my 'good week'.  Okay, enough blethering.

Wednesday: circuits
Thursday: Gym workout (35min cardio mixed with lunges, weights, squats etc.)
Friday: Gym workout (similar to Thursday but mixed it up with different cardio and resistance work)
Saturday/Sunday/Monday: Nada
Tuesday: 2.2mile bike ride, spinning, 10 mins cardio after

I'd just like to point out the spin class routine has changed. I thought I was going to DIE.

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  1. How'd it go?

    Fingers crossed on the job front too. I would never be brave enough to work for myself so all credit to you.



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