Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Double Whammy

Check it out- a double post today!

Following my bike loving post this just a bit of a recap. As tomorrow is weigh day it's time for the usual exercise run down.

First up - I must confess I didn't do my usual workout. I was really struggling for time and my legs were aching from Wednesday's and Thursday's efforts. I could have squeezed something more than the 20 min power walk that I managed but I decided not to as I knew the weekend would be quite active. I was away doing my voluntary stuff and while there wasn't any intensive exercise there was a lot of general standing about and being on the go.

I also had some excellent victories as I rebuked the cooked breakfast for cereal and my own tupperware box of fruit - on Saturday and Sunday. I mostly avoided the biscuits and snacked on fruit that I brought with me. I also didn't drink very much. Where I did fail was I ate some white bread and quite a few handfuls of Doritos made their way into my mouth, as did some carrot cake and some cheese. However, I would say compared to the last couple of weekend it's an improvement and so with that in mind and the exercise below I am hoping for a pound off tomorrow.

Wednesday: 1 hour badminton, 1 hour circuits, 10 mile bike ride
Thursday: Gym workout (weights and speed upped on everything), 2 mile bike ride
Friday: 20 minute power walk
Saturday & Sunday: nothing
Monday: Gym workout, 2 mile bike ride, 2 mile walk
Tuesday: Gym workout, 3 mile walk

PS) I am now running at 9.9km per hour!

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  1. LOVE the idea of you rebuking a cooked breakfast! Not sure if you meant that, but bloody funny!



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