Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Mixing it up and messing it up

Leaving five days between posts really isn't good enough. I need to get my (chubby) finger out and get blogging more often. Not that I think you are champing at the bit to hear what's been going on! It's more that I forget loads of stuff that I wanted to say. All of it probably utter guff so consider yourselves off the hook.

So what has been happening? Well, this week has been a real mix up diet and exercise wise. Let's have a quick exercise review (as per).

Wednesday: Circuits class and 6 mile cycle
Thursday: Shovelling and wheelbarrowing sand and gravel
Friday: 3km run (8.75mph) and back garden work out
Saturday and Sunday: Nothing
Monday: Gym workout & 7 mile bike ride
Tuesday: Spinning and 2 mile bike ride

That's 5 workouts in 7 days which I'm pretty happy with. The two new things that I did were my outdoors circuits class and the shovelling. The circuits class was really good. It was great being outside and by the time you warmed up, then did sprints/skipping/side steps between two points with either jumping jacks/lunges/squats at either end, and then circuits followed by more sprints - the hour had flown past. I need to do a separate blog about it as while I liked it and I'll be going back for more (as I they came in a block of 10) but I do have some reservations about how hard you are worked and technique.

As for the shovelling. - not my idea. I was staying at my folk's on Thursday night and because I was there I was going to go to zumba with my mother. However, this got bumped in favour of shovelling four cubic meters of sand and gravel. They are doing some garden work and they bags (which came up to my waist) needed transported to the other side of the garden which meant shovelling the sand and gravel into a wheelbarrow and tipping it out about 30 meters away. It was pretty hard work - as you can tell from my sweaty knees. Please tell me other people get sweaty knees! I also did some lunges and squats to finish off. That's my dad in the other pic. He's 6ft 4 (and bending over in the pic) but you get some sort of sense of scale.

 While I've been pleased with the exercise front I've not been so great on the food front. I made soup this week which I've not had for ages so that mixed things up a bit but the weekend was problematic. I was at a barbeque on Friday and Saturday. I got totally smashed at both of them. I actually only had one very small burger on Friday and a bit of chicken so that was probably less calories than I would have but the booze... ooft.

Saturday was pretty much exactly the same but I did nibble on a few crisps too. Sunday was where I made my poorest choices of the week. It was getting late on into the evening and TB and I were driving back to his from where the barbecue had been (quite a few hours away). We decided to stop off  for dinner but it was getting late and we were in the middle of nowhere with limited choice. I was hungover and very hungry so when TB suggested going to a Chinese restaurant that we knew was open, I just went with it. Hmmmm - I should have pushed for something healthier but, well - I didn't. There's more... I had a big custardy pastry thing too. That kind of cake doesn't even feature in my top ten of cakes, or even top twenty and so why did I eat it?  I have no idea. It was there for the shoving in my face. I decided I wanted it. I ate it.

I'm annoyed with myself but yesterday was a really good day as is today so there is no point in dwelling on it as I got right back on track. I've just got spinning tonight and then once again it's weigh in tomorrow morning. I had a great loss last week and so who knows if after my dodgy weekend the scales will be kind to me. Digits crossed.

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