Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Weigh in & possible problems

Goodbye another 1.5lbs of lard.

I was worried about my 'scale time' this morning. The weekend had a fair few naughties and booze in it but I did feel a difference in some of my clothes and so on I jumped to the sodding things hoping for a loss but not too sure what the hell was going to go down - but willing it to be the number.

13 stone 1lb. That's a solid 1.5 off. Pheeeeeewoooooo. It is my 'big loss' week though and I think if I had been more careful at the weekend then it would have been more. But I wasn't. And it isn't. Over the weeks my average loss is 1.3lbs a week and considering I was on holiday for a week of that I'm pretty happy with the whole darn shooting match. Sorry, just went a bit southern American there.

I'm edging ever closer to that hallowed 12 stone bracket (softly, softly catchy monkey) and all I need is 1.25lbs off  and I'll be there! Can I do it next week though? Now, there's a question. I'd bloody love to but I'm not sure it can be done. Apart from the fact I ate a choccie biscuit today (whoops) there are a few things coming up that are throwing me off course; and I need my course!

On Saturday I'm taking my best friend from school out for afternoon tea. I couldn't get booked up in time so I'm going to cobble it together myself and take it to hers. This will involve cakes (bought) and sandwiches (made). The plan is to have a very light brekkie and that's my lunch for the day. Quite a lunch, mind you.

Saturday night I'm going to a barbeque at which I am planning to get totally shit faced. I will be sticking to spirits and diet mixers (a lot of them) as for the food? It doesn't worry me too much. I've suggested to my friend (who's barbeque it is) that I bring a big salad with me. Easy - grilled meat and salad for dinner. No picking at crisps. I know what a crisp tastes like. I don't need to eat another one to make sure I know. What will be a challenge is the tablet. You know what tablet is, right? Oh dear god, it's like crack.

Sugar, condensed milk and butter all boiled up, set and then cut into chunks. As a sugar addict this stuff sends me round the bend and into a sugar induced frenzy akin to the best orgasm of my life (Bremen, October 2010). My barbeque friend makes the best tablet I have ever tasted and believe me, I have tasted A LOT. There is no way I cannot not have a piece. Hmmmm - A piece. Singular. Not too sure what my tactic is at this stage for keeping sane about it. I'll need to have a think about that one. Tips and tricks most welcome!

The next problem is Monday and Tuesday. TB (got some interesting posts from the weekend about the next step for us - it's not happening by the way, but I have some updates and  I also met his Grandparents which I thought went terribly - not the Love Cat way.) is away camping with the voluntary organisation we help at, for a week. I am going to help out from Monday lunchtime until Wednesday breakfast time. Yes, I know - Wednesday is weigh in! I know! This means I have to get through the best part of two days without a workout, not in control of my food, faced with cooked breakfasts (even though I rebuked them last time, Peridot) and weighing in a day later. There is a lot to think about and a lot of mental strategy to be considered if I am even going to be in with a shout of losing any weight next week, never mind 1.25lbs.

Starting Weight: 204.25 pounds
Current Weight: 183 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 1.5 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 21.25 pounds


  1. Tablet. Taaaaaabletttt (faints)

  2. Ha ha! You carry on chastising those naughty cooked breakfasts!

    You know, despite being a confirmed sugar-whore, I don't like tablet. Maybe I've never had the good stuff but I prefer fudge. Mmmmmm.



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