Monday, 13 June 2011

Too little too late?

The weekend ended up being a dodgy one in terms of food.  I was visiting TB (again - his turn is well overdue to come to me) and we were having a lazy weekend; watching telly, playing games, reading, going out for lunch and generally lounging about.

This all sounds lovely (which it was) but with a lack of structure or real activity to the weekend I found myself eating far too much. Breakfast and lunch were okay. Dinner was a problem as on both Saturday and Sunday night we just had a load of things to graze on (bread, meat, hummus, cheese, carrot sticks and peppers, tzatziki, quiche etc, etc. I then munched on a pile of sweeties (jelly tots, fun sized milky bar, half a bar of dairy milk, jelly tots and boiled sweets). Oh, and I managed to wolf down a load of crisps too. Not good. Not good at all.

I've had an excellent day today, really excellent. I also spent almost an hour an a half actually on the gym floor tonight. It was hard going. I really pushed myself and when I tell you my t-shirt was dripping sweat at the end of my workout, I do mean it was actually sodden.

Another day like this tomorrow but with a 7 mile bike ride (to a meeting and back) and spinning in the evening I'm hoping to scrape a loss.

For now I must go and watch Embarrassing Bodies about fat people on 4od. Nanight. x

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