Saturday, 11 June 2011

One handful or two, sir?

Last night we went to a real ale festival. Of course they also had spirits and diet mixers on offer too. Ha! Yeah, right. I wish. It was beer, ale, cider and perry. That was my lot. I reckon I drank about two pints of the stuff. Could have been worse. By the time we stopped off on the way home for something to eat it was well after 10pm. We ended up in a kebab type place which was actually pretty diet friendly. I had oven baked chicken with no sauce on a flatbread thingy.

TB (which I should also explain stands for The Bear as he is very hairy) came out with a corker on Thursday night. I had just arrived at his and we fell onto the bed together. Hands were everywhere. He said: "Oh! You bum is just one handful per cheek now. It used to be two."

I most definitely like being a one handful kinda girl.

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  1. Ha! I dread to think how many hands my bum would fill!


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